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Megumi Watanabe



D.O.B: 1949

Redidnece: Kashihara City, Nara


Based on my approximately 17 years of experience working in a trading company, including assignments in India, Egypt, and Germany, as well as extensive business trips to around 65 countries, I am well-equipped to provide satisfying guidance to visitors from overseas, introducing them to the historical and cultural values of my hometown, Nara Prefecture.

As an experienced interpreter and guide, I am well-versed in diverse cultures and languages. Drawing upon my strong communication skills and adaptability developed in an international business setting, I can effectively convey the charms of Nara Prefecture to foreign visitors.

Guide Aera

All of Nara but particularly the Asuka region

Areas of Expertise

History, culture


6 years

Other Guide Qualifications

Asuka Regional Interpreter and Travel Itinerary Coordinator

Membership Organizations

General Incorporated Association, Asuka Interpreting and Tour Guide Association



Residence: +81 (0)744 22 7423

Mobile: +81 (0)80 5359 3101

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