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Egg Toast Set


Shaved Ice

Address: 23 Tsunofuricho, Nara, 630-8224, Japan
Tel: 0742-93-8393
Hours: 10AM - 7PM

Tengyoku-do is a shop and a cafe offering kudzu (Japanese arrowroot) sweets and meals, run by Inoue Tengyoku-do established in 1870. They use Yoshino Hon-kudzu, a kind of high quality kudzu produced in Yoshino town located in a middle part of Nara prefecture. The shop offers various kudzu sweets such as kudzu-yu (kudzu starch gruel), kudzu manju (kudzu sweet bun), and kudzumochi (kudzu starch cake), and meals cooked with kudzu.


On our visit we enjoyed Kudzu starch noodles with green tea, Kudzu pudding and Anmitsu - a summer dessert of ice cream, kudzu jelly, rice-flour dumplings, seasonal fruits and red bean paste.


The first floor also has a small shop offering a variety of treats ideal fort souvenirs . 



[On foot] 10-minute-walk from Kintetsu Nara station

[Bus] Take a bus bound for Aoyama-jutaku (Hannyaji) or Kunimidai-8-chome (Hannyaji) from Kintetsu-Nara station and get off at Oshiage-cho bus stop. Then a 2 minute walk to the shop.


Address: 1-6 oshiage-cho, Nara
Tel: 0742-27-5011
Hours: 10AM - 7:30PM 
Closed: Tuesday




The shop building is a beautifully renovated traditional town house built in Edo period. Guests can enjoy Japanese sweets like Matcha parfait, Japanese pancakes, and gelato in authentic Japanese tatami rooms. In winter, desserts made with sweetened beans or chestnut puree are popular. 



Come summertime, Miyake add kakigori shaved ice to their menu. Miyake's shaved ice is so popular that there is often a 60 minute wait just to get seated! At peak times, they have served up to 8,000 shaved ice dishes in a single day!


Their courtyard sells a variety of sweets which make for great souvenirs. 



Miyake is just a 10 minute walk from Tomio Station on the Kintetsu Line. 

One of Kansai's premium dessert destinations

 Uji Matcha
Shaved Ice 


Address: 1 Chome-5-1 Torimicho, Nara, 631-0065, Japan
Tel:  0742-52-3008
Hours: 10AM - 5:30PM
Closed: Sunday

Nakanishi Yosaburo is a well know sweet shop located in the heart of Nara-machi. The building is a 150 year old machiya with a stylish bar counter in the entrance, a mini museum, tatami mat rooms and an inner garden.

There is a monthly class on how to make a Japanese sweets which anyone can join. An English speaking staff member is in attendence. 



We had kakigori shaved ice with strawberry syrup and

warabi mochi (a traditional dessert made from bracken starch)

steamed bun with bean paste.  At Nakanishi Yosaburo you can also enjoy a Japanese style afternoon tea set, but instead of cakes and scones, you are treated Japanese sweets. You can also get some champagne with it. 



Located at the end of Mochidono Shopping Street in Naramachi, just a 10-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station

Sweets and
GreenTea Set


Address: 23 Wakido-cho, Nara City
Tel: 0742-24-3048
Hours: 10AM - 6:30PM
Closed: Mon
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Traditional kudzu treats inside Nara Park