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ASAKURA Takenori


浅倉 武典


D.O.B: 1951


From ancient times, Yamato, or present Nara Prefecture, has often been referred to as “Mahoroba” which means the “best place to live,” and the first full-fledged capital of Japan was built here in the 8th century after Xi'an of Tang dynasty, China.

Although it is a land-locked land, Nara offers, with its long historical background, a variety of scenic beauty, traditional cultural assets, local specialties, and amusement spots like the “Deer Park” or Nara Park.

Having been interested in exchanging cultures with people from different countries, I would be very happy to have the opportunity to show you around such an attractive city and the surrounding areas in a friendly manner. The itinerary can be coordinated as far as possible in accordance with your preference.

Guide Area

Whole areas of Nara and Osaka Prefectures.

Areas of Expertise

History, historical and scenic places and food culture indigenous to Nara Prefecture


3 times


Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1

Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business English Level A (Abolished)

Basic Fee

Max. 12000 Yen for half-day (up to 4 hrs) and 24000 Yen for full-day (up to 8 hrs) with all your admission fees, fares and meals being borne by yourself. For a trist group of 11 members or more, an extra charge of 1000Yen per hour will be required.

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