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OOI Hitoha


大井 一葉


D.O.B: 1975


Nara is a place overflowing with history, tradition, culture, and natural beauty from ancient times. We would like you to enjoy your time in Nara to the fullest, while walking or cycling. In addition, the seasonal scenery is also very beautiful, and I think it will surely be a place of healing for you, along with the unique relaxed atmosphere of Nara.

I would be very happy if we could help you make your stay in Nara a more enjoyable memory.

Guide Area

Some areas of Nara City, parts of Kashihara City, and the surrounding areas of Asuka Village.

Areas of Expertise

Temples and shrines


Temple guidance experience


National Government Licensed Interpreter Guide

Asuka Region Interpreter Guide

Eiken Test in Practical English Proficiency Level 1

Basic Fee

Small groups, ¥2,000 per hour

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